World Packaging Industry Will Meet at Interpack 2023 Expo

World Packaging Industry Will Meet at Interpack 2023 Expo

Preparation for Interpack 2023 Germany is in Progress

Interpack 2023, the gateway of the packaging industry to the world, will be held in Düsseldorf, Germany between May 4-10 this year.

With its unique innovative projects and new products, Interpack 2023 is ready to bring together thousands of experts and the most important companies in the industry from all over the world. There are also many surprises awaiting exhibitors and visitors.


What to Expect at Interpack 2023?

There is only a short time left for Interpack 2023, which is one of the biggest expos in the world.

Postponed due to the pandemic, Interpack is ready to make a strong debut after a 6-year break.

Interpack, which will be held with thousands of visitors and many brands from all over the world, will feature the latest production technologies, eco-friendly packaging, and many other modern designs.

Among the industries that Interpack 2023 Germany aims to host at the expo, where you will find solutions covering all kinds of packaging options and production processes you can think of; there are companies serving in different industries such as food, hygiene, cosmetics, beverages, bakery products, non-food products.

Interpack offers brands the opportunity to discover the best and most advanced solutions for their products.

Thanks to Interpack Expo, the companies will get information about packaging, production, and the latest technology products, and will also have the opportunity to meet many solution partners.

The expo program is quite full...

Visitors will have the opportunity to not only view the booths of world-renowned brands but also witness numerous workshops, exhibitions, special shows, and performances.

In addition to annual assessment meetings, environmental panels, and competitions, there will be an award ceremony where the leading figures of the packaging industry will be chosen, and interviews with world-renowned names.


Üçsa Ambalaj has taken its place among Interpack 2023 Exhibitors!

Üçsa Ambalaj, one of the leading companies in the industry with its wide product range and eco-friendly solutions, is getting ready with great excitement to take its place at the Interpack Expo.

Üçsa Ambalaj will present its flexible packaging solutions and projects for different industries to visitors from all over the world at the packaging products summit, Interpack 2023.

Lead Your Brand to the Future with Interpack 2023 Germany!

However, Interpack 2023 will not stop there...

At Interpack 2023, you will have the opportunity to discover and experience technological developments in advance, and you will have the chance to gain new contacts from almost anywhere around the world.

Interpack 2023 Germany, one of the world's largest expos, has been organized every three years since 1958, shaping the world packaging trade.

If you want to be one of those who keep a close eye on the sector, take action!

Interpack 2023 Düsseldorf, where the Packaging Industry will gather, will be held at Messe Düsseldorf Expo Center in Düsseldorf, Germany between May 4-10.

The expo will be open to visitors for 6 days between 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.




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