Pasta Packaging

Pasta Packaging

Pasta Packaging

As a packaging structure, we offer packaging solutions for pasta and noodles in desired material structures with strong adhesion, suitable for fast packaging machines using two or multi-layer structure combinations.

  •  High barrier
  •  Low oxygen and water vapor permeability
  •  Low thermal adhesion
  •  Protection from light
  •  High lamination strength
  •  Odorless
  •  Sealing capability
  •  Low COF value
  •  Matt lacquer application
  •  Paper touch application


Materials Used in Our Packages






Fresh Pasta Arranged on Your Plate with Moisture-Resistant Packaging

As Üçsa Packaging, we underline the importance of preserving food products as fresh as the first day. Thanks to our years of experience, we specialize in manufacturing custom packaging solutions that align uniquely with your company's brand identity and pasta products. 

We understand that maintaining the high quality of your dry products carries special importance. Our moisture-resistant pasta packaging, which is a multi-layer structure, has been designed with care to create a protective barrier against external or internal moisture. Thanks to our advanced materials and techniques, we ensure that you have fresh pasta without any unwanted moisture/humidity absorption. With multilayer laminations, our packaging ensures your dry food remains continuously fresh. For fresh products, we implement optimal barriers that prevent the growth of microorganisms, maintaining the pasteurized product's flavor.


Flexible Packaging Solutions For Every Shape of Pasta Product

When it comes to packaging material, many factors play a crucial role. Our primary concern is ensuring that the packaging suits every range of pasta shapes and types, from delicate angel hair to hearty tortellini. Even if your product is short, long, or filled, Üçsa packaging solutions are here to preserve their own form. We recommend that stand-up pouches (doypack) are convenient for shorter dried noodles. Also, pillow pouches are another practical option. For spaghetti, our flat-laying pillow bags or pouches are a great choice.

Our pasta packaging designs ensure to look good in all aspects while preserving your dry food products. Our extensive range of pouches and films come in many sizes, special to your brand, adding both elegance and practicality to your packaging. Furthermore, our high-quality printing technologies and graphics make your brand shine in the market, increasing your product's visibility.

Our commitment to quality extends to safeguarding your food products. We want to be ensured that they reach your customers in the same condition as the first day. You can trust Üçsa Packaging in keeping your pasta always delicious and dry. Please contact us to get customized service for your dry food products!




FAQ Pasta Packaging

The pasta packaging market is usually divided in two categories: dry pasta packaging, and fresh pasta packaging. For dry pasta, it is preferred to use flexible plastic and paper for the best packaging. It can also be found inside cardboard trays. In the case of fresh pasta, you can choose between plastic and polystyrene options.

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