Pasta Packaging

Pasta Packaging

Pasta Packaging

As a packaging structure, we offer packaging solutions in desired material structures for pasta products with strong adhesion, suitable for fast packaging machines using two or multi-layer structure combinations.

  •  High barrier
  •  Low oxygen and water vapor permeability
  •  Low thermal adhesion
  •  Protection from light
  •  High lamination strength
  •  Odorless
  •  Sealing capability
  •  Low COF value
  •  Matt lacquer application
  •  Paper touch application





Pasta Packaging FAQ

The pasta packaging market is usually divided in two categories: dry pasta packaging, and fresh pasta packaging. For dry pasta, it is preferred to use flexible plastic and paper for the best packaging. It can also be found inside cardboard trays. In the case of fresh pasta, you can choose between plastic and polystyrene options.

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