Flexible Packaging Companies In Turkey

Flexible Packaging Companies In Turkey

What is a Flexible Package? How should a flexible package be?


The elements involving the shape of the package, the fitness of use according to the product and the quality of the product that is in the package play a significant role in the production of the flexible package. The packages that are suitable for the said criteria will create the same satisfaction for the consumer and the producer when produced under suitable hygiene conditions additionally. Since the target of the flexible packages is to pay regard to the labor of the producer and to have the consumer experience a happy shopping primarily, the production of the flexible packages plays a significant role from the angle of the development and sustainability of the food sector.  

The flexible packages should preserve its durableness in the face of any physical deterioration in the form of a strike, falling, crush and puncture; additionally, it has to be resistant to the chemical degradations in the form of souring, deterioration and moulding to the same degree. On the other hand, the design that comes after the ability of the flexible packages to preserve the product takes place among the purchasing criteria of the consumer likewise. Selection of the package that is suitable for the product, its conspicuous nature, the product bearing sufficient information and advertisement about the product on its body, that it is easily transportable and collapsible are those issues that are paid attention by the consumer. 

The packages build a communication between the producer and the consumer. In addition, the flexible packages that are produced by Üçsa Ambalaj reflect the mentioned relationship between the producer and consumer in the best way. Above all, it examines the product for which the producer asked for a package, determines how it should be preserved and does suitable researches and provides well-quality flexible packaging solutions afterwards. Then, it moves on to the next design stage that is suitable for the target audience that it has determined after holding the necessary negotiations with the part of its producer. Following the said stage, a communication network will have already been built between the producer and consumer. The printing that it applies and the colors, materials and information that it makes use of in design, strengthens the bond between the producer and consumer. 


Environment-Friendly Flexible Package Production under the Guarantee of Üçsa Ambalaj being one of the Flexible Package Companies 

The flexible package production does not merely run between the producer and the company but also it does so between the producer, consumer and the company as a whole. Therefore, the package production that is suitable for all buyers has to take a full score by the health sector above all. Üçsa Ambalaj, which is pretty much sensitive in the flexible package production and which is one of the biggest package companies of Turkey carries on with its package productions for the sake of sustainability of the product quality by way of taking into consideration the health of its producer and consumer above all. It preserves the product safely, does not cause any loss with its tissue and the flexible packages that are produced under hygienic environments stand against microbial deteriorations and are produced under conditions that are fit for human health. 

Üçsa Ambalaj, while ensuring satisfaction at all the said stages, makes the preservation of environment a priority and leaves a minimum carbon footprint as much as possible. While researching for whether it is fit for the human health and product at the stage of research&development, it reflects the mentioned environment consciousness for its researches and carries on with doing them. 

Üçsa Ambalaj crowns the sensitivity that it has for the flexible package production with a happy smile on the face of its producer and consumer at the end of the day. Üçsa Ambalaj that renders service with its packaging solutions that are fit for the human and environmental health and that preserves the product in the best way has been making an effort with the same sensitivity since the year of 1996. 

Package for crisps and snacks, package for biscuits and cakes, package for chocolate and sweets, package for dry food and pasta, package for powder food and drinks, package for coffee and tea, package for frozen food, package for chemical and hygienic food and package for animal food take place among the products that are mostly preferrable in the flexible package sector.  


Üçsa Ambalaj is flexible packaging company in Turkey

With over 26 years of experience in the packaging industry, Üçsa Ambalaj is a Turkish packaging company specializing in food packaging solutions.

Üçsa's production capacity is over 15,000 tons per year and operates in a production area of ​​40,000m2. Our company has ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000 and ISO 45001 certificates.

Our company’s specialization covers many areas including chocolate, chips, confectionery, coffee, tea, chemicals, products and pet food packaging

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