Chemical and Hygienic Product Packaging

Chemical and Hygienic Product Packaging

Chemical and Hygienic Product Packaging

As a packaging structure, we offer high chemical resistant packaging solutions for products such as detergent, soap, hygiene products, fertilizer packaging using single or multi-layer structure combinations.

  • High barrier
  • Low oxygen and water vapor permeability
  • Low thermal adhesion
  • Protection from light
  • High lamination strength
  • Sealing capability
  • Low COF value
  • Matt lacquer application
  • Paper touch application



Hygienic Product Packaging

Hygienic product packaging is a type of packaging used in the packaging of products that purify people from various bacteria and viruses. It is preferable to use single or multi-layer combinations of structures in hygienic product packaging. If the product is a personal care product, hygienic product packaging is expected to be suitable for the chemistry of the product and human skin, since it can be stored in the package for a long time before it comes into contact with the skin.


Chemical Product Packaging

The use of multi-layer packaging in the packaging of products containing strong chemicals is one of the packaging features that should be considered. As Üçsa packaging, we use its high barrier feature to protect the product from the dangers of holes and leaks, as well as to extend the shelf life of the chemical product by preserving its effect for a long time.


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