Snack Foods Packaging

Snack Foods Packaging

Snack Foods Packaging

As a packaging structure, we offer packaging solutions for chips and snack product groups in desired material structures or structures requiring high barrier properties by using two or multi-layer structure combinations.

  • High barrier
  • Low oxygen and water vapor permeability
  • Low thermal adhesion
  • Protection from light
  • High aroma barrier
  • High lamination strength
  • Sealing capability
  • Low COF value
  • Matt lacquer application
  • Paper touch application



Snack Foods Packaging

Trusted flexible packaging company to produce your custom snack packaging is key.


Snack Foods Packaging FAQ

Stand up bags or pouches have been the number one choice for flexible snack packaging. Snack food packaging bags are usually coated with aluminum on the inside, which is mostly responsible for keeping the snacks fresh. They are also commonly found in the hermetically sealed form.

Fruit snacks are usually found in flexible plastic pouches. That's because the plastic has certain properties that were specially designed to keep humidity out of the bag. As a result, the fruit snacks keep their crispness (or softness, depending on the fruit) and freshness for a longer period of time, defying nature’s natural process.

The most common and versatile snack food packaging material nowadays is the Polyethylene Terephthalate PET. It is a very flexible and at the same time tough material, in which snacks are safely protected from the damages that can be brought through the exposure of the (microbes, moisture, dirt contamination, etc.)

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