Our Value to Sustainability

As Üçsa Ambalaj, we take all necessary measures for sustainability in order to leave a healthy, green and livable world to future generations. We prioritize environmental awareness in all our product processes and advance our work in this direction.

In order to prevent pollution, to reduce wastes, to separate wastes at their source correctly and to minimize the damage to the environment, we provide all the necessary measures from the design stage to production, and we carry out the necessary studies to minimize our carbon footprint not only as a company and production, but also individually.

We train each of our employees, who are a part of the Üçsa Ambalaj family, primarily on environmental protection, apply everything that falls on us in terms of recycling, and always prefer the most environmentally friendly technologies.

We love and protect the nature.



As ÜÇSA AMBALAJ SANAYİ TİCARET A.Ş., while conducting our activities in order to leave a green, healthy and more livable world to future generations, we adopt an approach based on effective and continuous improvement by complying with all legal requirements within the framework of national and international standards and environmental practices.

In line with the principle of respecting people, the environment and society, which is among our corporate values;

  • Providing necessary trainings to increase environmental awareness of our employees,
  • Determining environmental goals, targets, realizing and reviewing our work in line with these goals
  • With continuous improvement, preventing pollution, reducing wastes, separating them correctly at the source, minimizing the damage of existing wastes to the environment and protecting the environment,
  • Minimizing the generation of hazardous and non-hazardous wastes, ensuring the disposal of wastes with safe methods, allowing recycling and reuse opportunities,
  • Protection of global resources, efficient use of energy and materials,
  • Determining environmental risks and eliminating these risk factors,
  • It is our main responsibility to support information sharing and awareness-raising activities necessary for the development of environmental awareness.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions 

The limitations of the greenhouse gas emissions are one of the top priority articles among the targets and strategies of Üçsa Ambalaj. Making a progress in line with the target of continuous development by observing the environmental effect in the scope of all of the operational processes, reducing the greenhouse gas emissions and its impacts that are harmful for nature in the light of the sectoral researches and to be one of the leading institutions in the flexible package sector throughout the country are from among the top priority targets of Üçsa Ambalaj.

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