Frozen Food Packaging

Frozen Food Packaging

Frozen Food Packaging

As a packaging structure, we offer packaging solutions for frozen food products with special inks using combinations of two or multi-layer structures, including matte structures if desired.

  •  High barrier
  •  Low oxygen and water vapor permeability
  •  Low thermal adhesion
  •  Protection from light 
  •  High lamination strength 
  •  Sealing capability 
  •  Low COF value
  •  Matt lacquer application
  •  Paper touch application

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Frozen Food Packaging

Frozen food packages turn the remaining moisture in the product into ice thanks to the freezing process, and it is a preservation method that helps the product to be stored longer and preserve its freshness. Frozen foods, which are more sensitive than other products and preserve their long-term shelf life in this way, are offered to the market with appropriate packaging and storage conditions.

Frozen food packaging; It is used in frozen fast food products such as fruits and vegetables, frozen seafood such as fish, shrimp, mussels, ready-made pizza, lahmacun, pastry, french fries with cooling process application.

What Should Be Considered in Frozen Food Packaging?

Frozen foods are more vulnerable to spoilage and possible odors. When it encounters any contact with oxygen, it will lose its frozen structure and cause the product to deteriorate. Proper packaging is very important in order not to cause any microbial spoilage, loss of texture and taste. In the packaging process of frozen foods, cold environment resistance should be increased and air permeability should be destroyed. In this way, it will keep its taste and texture balance inside, and it will be resistant to moisture and microbes coming from the outside environment. Frozen food packages, whose protection is increased with barrier films against steam, moisture and odors, will be preferred more than other packages that do not apply the necessary preservation solutions with their long shelf life, freshness protection and customer satisfaction.

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