Machine Parkour

Machine Parkour

Üçsa Ambalaj Machine Parkour

We closely follow the latest technologies in the field of flexible packaging, make new investments with our understanding that always brings quality to the forefront, and we improve our machine park day by day.

1- Rotogravure printing

  • 3 rotogravure printing lines
  • 100% printing and color tracking system
  • Lacquer applications

2- Flexo printing

  • 2 flexo printing machines
  • 100% printing and color tracking system
  • Lacquer applications

3- Lamination

  • 8 laminating machines
  • Solvent and solvent free lamination
  • Cold glue
  • Lacquer applications

4- Slitting

  • 8 slitting machines
  • Slitting at high sets and high speed
  • Doctor rewinder machines

5- Dispensing System

  • Creation of special colors and pantone colors desired
Ücsa Makine Parkuru
Ücsa Makine Parkuru-2
Dispensing Sistemi
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