Chips Packaging

Chips Packaging

Custom Flexible Packaging Solutions For Chips

As a packaging structure, we offer packaging solutions for chips in desired material structures or structures requiring high barrier properties by using two or multi-layer structure combinations. A trusted flexible packaging company to produce your custom chips packaging is key. UCSA Packaging's solutions are designed with convenience and ease of use in mind. They are easy to open, close, and store.

  • High barrier
  • Low oxygen and water vapor permeability
  • Low thermal adhesion
  • Protection from light
  • High aroma barrier
  • High lamination strength
  • Sealing capability
  • Low COF value
  • Matt lacquer application
  • Paper touch application


Materials Used

  • PET / ALU / PE
  • PET / METPET / PE 


Custom Chips Packaging Manufacturing

UCSA Packaging is a leading flexible packaging company in Turkey that specializes in food products and introduces you to the innovative manufacturing of custom chip packaging. Brands can now upgrade their presence by crafting UCSA packaging solutions that align with their corporate identity and then resonate more with their consumers. Thanks to custom-made chips packaging manufacturing, we offer the freedom to choose distinct shapes, attractive colors, and engaging graphics, which are all tailored to reflect your brand's core values and identity. UCSA Packaging's personalized chip packaging not only increases the visual attractiveness of your product but also creates a profound and memorable connection with the consumer. Companies can prefer to customize functional features of their bags and pouches such as with resealable packaging or films. For this reason, our solutions become more than just packaging, it's a gateway to open markets.

Partnering with UCSA for custom chips packaging is an elevating move that increases brand loyalty and consumer awareness, and makes your brand set apart with packaging that really tells your own story in a competitive market. When you collaborate with us, we use digital printing to create snack packaging that's customized for your chip bags & pouches!


Features of Excellent Chips Bag 

According to your marketplace, target audience, and core values of your brand, we take immense action in presenting a diverse range of chips packaging solutions meticulously tailored to your company. Our experienced team is dedicated to creating contemporary concepts and producing visually attractive, quality flexible bags that not only keep the freshness of your product but also resonate with your brand. You can discover below that why our distinct attributes set our chip bags apart.

UCSA specializes in the manufacturing of a wide range of packaging options, including stand-up pouches (doypack), and lay-flat pouches, all designed to accommodate different chip sizes and types. Check out all features:

Photo quality graphics: Increase your product's appeal with vibrant colors and striking graphics that sets it apart on market shelves. We offer seamless graphic integration by ensuring quality visuals. Let your packaging make a lasting and effortless impression.

Durability And Puncture-Resistance: Keep your food products safe from any internal or external damage, and make them easy to carry. Our key target is putting importance on cost-effectiveness and minimizing waste. With our durable chip packaging, your chips stay protected. This is a smart solution that protects both your product & the environment.

Lightweight flexible packaging: We specialize in flexible packaging because we offer convenient solutions perfect for potato chip brands. Our lightweight packaging is designed to be easy to transport. When empty, packaging remains flat, ideal for any bulk transportation. Our packaging ensures a seamless experience for your chips.

Environmentally-Friendly Options: We provide eco-friendly choices, like bags and pouches made from recyclable materials, featuring sustainable printing and compostable inks. We can make a positive impact together!


Packaging That Keeps Your Chips Crispy

Sustainable packaging is our priority in addition to crafting from top-quality materials with perfect design and manufacture. Our products are designed to save space and cost less while resisting leaks and odors. We're here to guide you in choosing the right chips packaging for your product. We'll help you find the perfect pouch and create capturing packets that stand out in stores. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality that meets your brand's needs and fits your product effortlessly while giving it a long-lasting quality.

Our customizable packages have excellent barriers that will keep your chips crispy and fresh for a long time. Get an immediate eco-friendly packaging solution by contacting us!


FAQ Chips Packaging

If you have chips that won't be consumed right away, and you wish to keep them fresh and crispy for a long time, the best option is to store them in a tightly sealed package. It is also an option to reuse snack food packaging bags.

The most common packages of potato chips are the bag and the can. Some brands like Pringles already have the can as a trademark, and on the other hand, Doritos and Ruffles, which are also giants in the market, are sold in bags.

Potato chips can be found in packages made of BOPP (Bi-Oriented Polypropylene) in film form, which often come with an aluminum layer. Aluminum is great for preserving food, as it prevents the product from coming into contact with atmospheric gases, temperature variations and humidity. Snack packaging companies also use aluminum inside the cans and the bags, for better general conservation.

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