Beverage Packaging

Beverage Packaging

Beverage Packaging

As a packaging structure, we offer barrier packaging solutions for product groups such as powdered beverage, powdered vanilla, baking powder, powdered food, etc., using combinations of two or multi-layer structures.



Beverage Packaging FAQ

For beverage packaging, you should look for waterproof and resistant materials, such as Polyethylene Terephthalate (also known as PET) and glass. Some companies even use cardboard boxes coated with aluminum instead of bottles or cans.

In the packaging companies, the filling of the container is performed by special machines, which are previously programmed to fill in just the right amount of liquid, avoiding spills and waste.

The most sustainable way of beverage packaging is by using recyclable containers, such as glass and hard plastics. Many big companies such as Coca-Cola have been selling their drinks in reusable containers, which, besides being good for the environment, also saves money for the consumer.

The choice of which material to use for each beverage has to be made considering, mostly, two points of view:
  • >The properties of the beverage that should be maintained, such as taste and color; 
  • >The costs of packaging.

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