Beverage Packaging

Beverage Packaging

Beverage Packaging

As a packaging structure, we offer barrier packaging solutions for product groups such as powdered beverages, using combinations of two or multi-layer structures.

As a company specializing in the manufacturing of packaging for the food industry, UCSA Packaging offers high-quality customized packaging solutions for powdered beverages. Powdered beverage packaging is an important factor that enables many beverages consumed in today's world to be brought to the consumer in a practical and safe way. So why is powdered beverage packaging so important?


What is Powdered Beverage Packaging?

Powdered beverage packaging is a type of packaging produced for the protection, safe transportation, and presentation of powdered beverage products to the consumer. These packages protect powdered beverages from external factors such as light, air, and moisture and extend the shelf life of the product. It also ensures that the product is protected in safe and hygienic conditions.


Importance of Powdered Beverage Packaging

Packaging of powdered beverage is of great importance for both preservation and brand awareness. Here are some of them:

Product Protection: Thanks to their multi-layered barriers, powdered beverage packaging protects the product inside from external factors and ensures that it maintains its freshness for a long time. 

Hygiene and Safety: It ensures that the product is stored under hygienic conditions, remains fresh without producing any organisms, and is delivered safely to the consumer.

Brand Visibility: Packaging reflects the brand identity of your product and it provides a visual impact to consumers and creates eye habit. We increase the likelihood of choosing your product with aesthetic and remarkable packaging.

Materials Used in Powder Beverage Packaging

Powdered beverage packaging is usually made of these materials:

PET / PE: It is the material that food companies prefer in food packaging. It has no heavy chemicals in it. For this reason, PET/PE is seen as an on-go option in the food industry.

PET (PVDC) / PE: A film that is a low-cost and sustainable solution for high-barrier packaging. It stables oxygen barrier properties against humidity.

PET / ALU / PE: It gives the bag a whole preservation of flavors of your products. Against humidity, gases, UV, and heat, Aluminium is the best barrier. 

PET / METALIZED PET / PE: These films are durable, heat-resistant films with very good oxygen barrier properties. It will block out UV rays and increase the film’s oxygen-water barrier. This enables extra protection to ensure a longer shelf life. 

Barriers protect the product from both internal and external factors. Packaging manufacturers choose the right barrier materials according to the characteristics of the product and extend the shelf life of the product. As UCSA Packaging, we produce customized packaging with the most suitable materials for your product and develop solutions for your needs.


Sustainable Packaging Solutions

The sustainable powdered beverage packaging we produce incorporates an innovative approach that focuses on conserving our natural resources and reducing our environmental impact. These packages are recyclable and compostable. Our lightweight and space-saving flexible packaging also saves energy during manufacture. Sustainable powdered beverage packaging manufactured by UCSA Packaging both responds to consumer demands and contributes positively to the environment with environmentally friendly manufacture. We can continue to reflect our understanding of environmental responsibility by partnering together!


Customizable Packaging Printing

With our state-of-the-art printing techniques and technology, we provide customizable packaging printing (flexo printing) for your business and special packaging design and printing for any product you wish. With our printing service, you can increase your brand loyalty while making it easier for your consumers to recognize the product.

As UCSA Packaging, we are happy to contribute to the growth of your company by offering customized and sustainable packaging solutions with our years of experience in the sector. You can contact us for our customized solutions!

FAQ Beverage Packaging

For beverage packaging, you should look for waterproof and resistant materials, such as Polyethylene Terephthalate (also known as PET) and glass. Some companies even use cardboard boxes coated with aluminum instead of bottles or cans.

In the packaging companies, the filling of the container is performed by special machines, which are previously programmed to fill in just the right amount of liquid, avoiding spills and waste.

The most sustainable way of beverage packaging is by using recyclable containers, such as glass and hard plastics. Many big companies such as Coca-Cola have been selling their drinks in reusable containers, which, besides being good for the environment, also saves money for the consumer.

The choice of which material to use for each beverage has to be made considering, mostly, two points of view:
  • >The properties of the beverage that should be maintained, such as taste and color; 
  • >The costs of packaging.

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