Company Profile

Company Profile

Company Profile

Üçsa Ambalaj, which was founded in 1996, has been working to make a difference in the flexible packaging industry and to offer the best quality to its solution partners.

Üçsa Ambalaj, which manufactures in 40.000 m² open and 25.000 m² closed area with 230 employees, is located in the Karaman Organized Industrial Zone and benefits from all the privileges offered by the region.

Producing flexible packaging in printed, unprinted and laminated forms, Üçsa Ambalaj produces flexible packaging in many different fields such as food and beverage, cleaning products, pet foods.

Üçsa Ambalaj exports to North Africa, the Middle East, Europe, America and the Turkic Republics today.

It is one of the most rooted food packaging companies in Turkey.



First of all, Üçsa Ambalaj guarantees its solution partners the best quality, the right material and the fastest supply.

Delivering the desired product to its partners at the desired time, exactly in the desired form, has been the greatest value Üçsa Ambalaj has since its establishment, it is one of the biggest factors in being the company that comes to mind when it comes to flexible packaging production for more than twenty years.


Üçsa Ambalaj's biggest mission is to offer its solution partners the best quality in the shortest time possible. Apart from this, as the mission of the company, it is among our goals that we plan to realize in the near future, to bring the export to 50%, which is 30% today, and to become a global company in the next step as a company with corporate structure.

About Us

Üçsa Ambalaj Corporate Introduction Movie

Üçsa Ambalaj Corporate Introduction Movie

Click on the picture to watch the introduction movie.



Since 1996, we offer you the highest quality flexible packaging products with our experience and dedication.


Your products are always fresh with Üçsa Ambalaj… Thanks to our state-of-the-art machinery, we protect your products safely.

Fast Delivery

We offer our solution partners the product they want, exactly in the form they want and in the time interval they desire.

Üçsa Ambalaj Fabrika
Üçsa Esnek Ambalaj Fabrika
üçsa esnek ambalaj
Üçsa Toplantı
Üçsa Esnek Ambalaj Kurumsal
Üçsa Ambalaj Depo
Üçsa Ambalaj  Esnek Ambalaj Üretim
Üçsa Ambalaj  Esnek Ambalaj Üretim
Üçsa Esnek Ambalaj Kalite Kontrol
Üçsa Esnek Ambalaj Fabrika
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To get more information about ÜÇSA Ambalaj, please contact us.

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