• Üçsa Ambalaj Applications

  • Matt lacquer
  • Cold glue
  • Thermal lacquer
  • Paper touch
  • Antifog
  • Low thermal adhesion, low friction structures
  • Barrier structures

Üçsa Ambalaj has become one of the leading companies in the flexible packaging industry with its experiences and developments since 1996, and supports its solution partners with the best packaging solutions. By closely dealing with technological developments in the flexible packaging sector and printing innovations, it serves with the most suitable packaging solutions for the product to be realized in the machine parks. It offers innovative and special designs in packaging solutions by making flexible packaging production look more matte and frosted with matt lacquer applications applied to the printing surface.

In packaging solutions, the most adhesive, airtight and high quality cold adhesives keep products as fresh as the first day. Üçsa Ambalaj prefers cold glue applications, which have become prominent and widespread in the flexible packaging sector in recent years, especially in frozen food, chocolate and candy packages; takes care to maintain the balance of heat-coldness in the best way. With the anti-fog application, also known as antifog to support these packages, it prevents the product packaged hot from fogging, and provides a stylish display with a fresh and clear appearance. Thanks to the properties of the material used in its production, it minimizes the air and moisture permeability in it, extends the shelf life and keeps it fresh.

The barrier, which is among the most important elements in packaging solutions, may vary according to different products and must be prepared in accordance with the product. Since the correct determination of the packaging material selected especially in food packaging is an important issue, Üçsa Ambalaj prepares it according to the nature of the product to be used; It carefully protects food packages that are sensitive to factors such as moisture, oxygen, light and odor.


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