Biscuit and Cookie Packaging

Biscuit and Cookie Packaging

Biscuit Packaging and Cookie Packaging

We offer packaging solutions in desired material structures for biscuit, wafer, cookie and cake product groups or structures that require high barrier properties by using single, double or multi-layer structure combinations as packaging structure.

  •  High barrier
  •  Low oxygen and water vapor permeability
  •  Protection from light
  •  Low COF value
  •  Cold seal application for heat resistant products
  •  High lamination strength
  •  Low thermal adhesion
  •  Matt lacquer application
  •  Paper touch application










What is Considered in the Production of Cookie Packaging?

Cookie products are among the sensitive products. Therefore, the packaging of these products requires as much precision. Cookie products, which are more suitable for drying and texture deterioration than other products due to their structure, should be protected with appropriate packaging and their shelf life should be extended as much as possible.

 It is a challenging process to ensure that the product maintains the form in which it was produced during the production, transportation and distribution phase and then throughout its shelf life. Protecting the freshness and structure of the product against possible dangers that may occur at these stages and ensuring that it is not damaged depends on the quality of the packaging. The packages are safely protected and reach the consumer with high barrier, low oxygen and water vapor permeability, light protection, low COF value, low heat adhesion, high lamination strength, matte lacquer and paper touch applications used in cookie packaging. Especially thanks to its low oxygen and water vapor permeability, cakes do not lose their structure by drying, being exposed to microbial deterioration or molding.

 UCSA Cookie Packaging Production

UCSA produces packaging solutions that are resistant to chemicals, heat permeability and any deterioration thanks to materials such as OPP / Opaque OPP / Metallized OPP / Pearlized OPP used in its production. With the efficiency and confidence it provides in packaging production and packaging processes, it offers its customers the appropriate packaging solution for the desired product. The packaging solutions they have produced in accordance with the food packaging regulation have also gone through an R&D process, blended with experience, and supported by packaging design teams to make the product attractive. Acting in line with these principles in cookie packaging solutions, it works non-stop for the hygiene and freshness of cake products.


Biscuit Packaging 

 Flexible packaging is ideal for biscuit items as they help these products to maintain their freshness for a longer period of time. 

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