What is Flexible Packaging? How is Flexible Packaging Produced?

What is Flexible Packaging?

Flexible packaging, one of the most prominent packaging solutions among sustainable packaging solutions, has become an important part of sustainable life with its efficiency and environmental friendliness. The flexible packaging industry is one of the fastest growing industries worldwide in recent years. Compared to alternative packaging solutions, it is one of the most preferred packaging solutions as it is more effective in protecting the product and leaves minimum carbon footprint on the environment.

It offers a hygienic and reliable packaging solution that best protects the product in flexible packaging in accordance with the structure, shape and characteristics of the product. With the developing world and the increasing need in the packaging industry, flexible packaging occupies an important place in this sector, which provides different possibilities instead of just storing and transporting the product. Flexible packaging, which offers the opportunity to store the product in healthy conditions and aims to leave a more livable and environmentally friendly future, also takes into account the principles of taking care of the labor of the producer and creating a happy shopping for the consumer.

How is Flexible Packaging Produced?

In flexible packaging production, the product is first examined and the packaging strategy is determined according to the quality of the product. After determining the most protected and hygienic packaging that will fit the structure and characteristics of the product, it is discussed how to adapt it to the sustainability principle, which is among its main principles. After the design plans are made in accordance with the target audience in the strategy determined as a result of research and development, production starts.

Flexible packaging can be both bumped, dropped, crushed, etc. It is resistant to any physical deterioration as well as chemical deterioration such as souring, deterioration and molding. It can be easily moved, opened and closed, and takes up less space. Flexible packaging, which has the feature of being user-friendly, is often preferred.

In Which Areas Is Flexible Packaging Used?

Flexible packaging stands out especially with its use in the food and chemical product sector. With the packaging solutions it offers, flexible packaging is often preferred in food packaging, where the quality of the product should be preserved the most and it should reach the consumer in its first day’s freshness without any change in texture or taste.
Chips packaging , biscuits packaging, cake packaging, chocolate and confectionery packaging, dry food packaging, pasta packaging, powdered food and beverage packaging, coffee packagingtea packaging , frozen food packaging, chemical and hygienic product packaging , pet food packaging are among the most preferred products in the flexible packaging industry.

Flexible Packaging Materials

• PET / ALU / PE