What is Pasta Packaging?

Pasta is one of the rare products that all nations, from seven to seventy, have somehow personalized and included in their culture. It is very important that this product, whose consumption is so popular, has a packaging that prevents it from being damaged in the supply chain processes, protects the freshness of the product, and provides transparent information about the product to end users. The methods used in the manufacture of pasta also directly affect the types of packaging.

Pasta Manufacturing Types

Dried Pasta:

  • Standard dried pasta
  • Dried pasta with egg
  • Stuffed dried pasta (similar to ravioli)

Freshly Made Pasta:

  • Stuffed pasta
  • Standard fresh pasta
  • Gnocchi (Niyokki) and lasagna

The Features of Pasta Packaging

When packaging pasta, one of the characteristics that should not be distinguished between dried and fresh pasta is the use of flexible packaging so that the package has the same organoleptic properties as the pasta. In this way, it is possible to create a sensory experience for people, including the taste, appearance, texture, and smell of the pasta.

As UCSA Packaging, we offer solutions for pasta packaging that meet the right requirements for the products. We produce reliable, dry food & pasta packaging solutions, including PE-coated products with light barrier protection in terms of the robustness and reliability of the packaging of the product, with a direct food contact certificate, made entirely of fiber for material purity.

The laminated methods consisting of PE or CPP, which we prefer in the manufacturing of dry food and pasta packaging, are the most suitable structures for pasta products. Polyethylene films that provide food contact safety and comply with the Turkish Food Codex regulations ensure that dry food and pasta packages are stored for a long time and do not lose their nutrients.

Pasta Packaging Dimensions

When determining the dimensions of pasta packaging, your requests and needs are well evaluated. It is necessary to decide how many grams of pasta to be packaged will be offered for sale, and whether the product will be packaged in flexible packaging, which can be described as a standard pillow appearance, or in the form of a box. After the basic characteristics of the product are determined and communicated to us, packaging manufacturing is carried out according to the appropriate dimensions. To give an example of pasta packaging, which may vary according to each company and every need, the generally preferred amount for sale and packaging dimensions for a few pasta packages are as follows.

Pasta TypeSale Portion (gram)Packaging Size (mm)
Farfalle500395 x 310
Rotini500395 x 295
Spagetti500225 x 325
Fusilli500395 x 280

The above dimensions belong to the transparent flexible packaging method, which can be described as having a pillow appearance. You can contact UCSA Packaging for customized pasta packaging according to your needs!