What is Flexible Packaging?

Flexible packaging is an art. The color, shape, and material of flexible packaging varies according to the product the packaging will protect.

From biscuits to cakes, from cat and dog food to frozen food… Flexible packaging should be shaped according to the product it will protect, and it should be resistant to any dropping, damage, etc. that may be encountered in all these processes when the product is transported to the shelves, when it is in the hands of the end-user and when it is stored in storage conditions suitable for the product.

Flexible Packaging Solutions

A professional company offering flexible packaging solutions starts by understanding exactly what its solution partner wants. It understands what the product is, and conducts research in the R&D laboratory on how the product should be protected in the best way. It then presents the material from which the flexible packaging will be produced to the solution partner and, after receiving approval, moves on to the second stage, printing.

Printing is a process that requires as much care as the production of flexible packaging. Flexible packaging companies that produce their own colors in their own facility understand what kind of design their solution partners want and start working accordingly. The design team works on how the product will stand on its packaging. In this process, as in all other processes, ideas are constantly exchanged with the solution partner.

After the design process is completed, it creates the most suitable color for the packaging and the product within the color palettes and in its own laboratories and presents it to the solution partner again by printing the highest quality print on the packaging on the flexo printing machine in the machine park.

A Matter of Passion

The first thing that companies producing flexible packaging should keep in mind is the health of the end user. The consciousness of knowing that the product inside the packaging they produce will be consumed by someone pushes them to be responsible. For this reason, flexible packaging manufacturers produce solutions that will keep the product fresh in the outside world and satisfy the end consumer, apart from the production processes of the packaging.

Environmentally Friendly Packaging Manufacture

We explained that flexible packaging manufacturing is not only about the processes within the production facility, that the health of the end consumer is the most important point in this case, and that manufacturers are aware of this responsibility. However, the responsibility of a flexible packaging manufacturer does not end there…

Healthy generations mean fresh food, yes. But at the same time, producers must be conscious of leaving a green environment for future generations.

Choosing environmentally friendly, recyclable materials in the production process, and developing technology in R&D facilities while monitoring how compatible it is with the environment are just a few of the processes. When this process is completed, a flexible packaging company can say “We work for you and manufacture for you.”

Just Like What UCSA Packaging Says

Chips and snack packaging, biscuit and cake packaging, chocolate and confectionery packaging, dry food and pasta packaging, powder food and beverage packaging, coffee and tea packaging, frozen food packaging, chemical and hygienic product packaging, pet food packaging are among the most preferred products in the flexible packaging sector. If you need to know more about customizable flexible packaging, you can contact the UCSA team for more!