What is Snack Foods Packaging? How should it be?

Packaging; While protecting the product from the journey of the products from the production area to the end consumer, it also conveys the basic product information to the consumer in the best way. Correct packaging is different for each sector and product group. From its visual design to the materials to be selected in its production, all details should be carefully considered.

How should the packaging of snack products be?

Compliance with food packaging standards is very important when considering products in the sensitive food sector. Perhaps the most important factor that distinguishes snack products from other food products is the mobility in consumption. (You may not want to carry a pasta with you, but you might like to have a chocolate filled package in your bag.) This shows that snack foods packaging should be more appealing and useful than general food products. Therefore, snacks are among the products that consumers prefer to carry with them. Therefore, the packages should be able to be opened and closed at any time of the day and should have the feature to preserve the freshness of the product inside with maximum performance.

Consumers’ Expectation from Snack Foods Packaging;

  • It is easy to open,
  • Having a zipper suitable for reclosing,
  • No leakage or spillage,
  • Keeping the products fresh
  • Giving short and descriptive information about the ingredients of the product,
  • Packing that gives confidence on the go

Studies show that consumers are willing to pay 10% to 50% more for product packaging that meets these criteria, compared to other products. In addition, another feature that can make a difference in the eyes of the consumer is the packaging produced using environmentally friendly, recyclable raw materials.

We, as Üçsa Ambalaj, take into account the preferences and requests of your consumers. We produce the most suitable snack product for your needs, its flexible packaging . We act with awareness of our duties and responsibilities towards our world in our production processes. We take all our measures in the name of sustainability in order to leave a greener, healthier and livable world to future generations. We prioritize environmental awareness in all our production processes and take all our measures to prevent pollution and reduce waste.

Some Types of Snack Packaging;

  • Packages that can be opened and closed with zippers that can stand upright.
  • Packages that can be opened in the form of a pouch. (Preferably used to transport liquids in motion.)