What is the Role of Packaging in Daily Life?

The foods we buy to meet our basic nutritional needs during the day are mostly sold in packages with the globalizing world and mass production. Especially as the dense population and the desire to consume according to demand have increased, this situation has also become a situation that backs the import-export sector. In this process, which extends from production to distribution and from distribution to the sales stage, it has become a priority to preserve the product as it was on the first day and to offer a fresh and hygienic product to the consumer. This has played an important role in the packaging industry and packaging companies‘ production of this sensitivity.

The Bridge Between Manufacturer and Consumer: Packaging

We can say that the value placed on packaging has increased since packaging companies began to realize that the bridge between the manufacturer and the consumer passes through packaging. Even before the consumption of the product, the most important factors that will make the first encounter between the manufacturer and the consumer positive or negative have become packaging and its design, product content information, and packaging quality. While the consumer is looking out for his/her own health, the manufacturer, who wants to brand and promote his/her brand, has focused on packaging that will bring quality packaging and sales guarantee in accordance with the consumer’s wishes and health sensitivity.

What Packaging Companies Should Pay Attention to in Food and Chemical Product Packaging

The quality of the material used in the packaging used by food packaging companies, its production in accordance with human health, and its production under hygienic conditions has become an important factor.

The use of separate and appropriate packaging according to the product variety is necessary for the shelf life of the product, and at the same time, it takes care that the quality of the product does not change for a long time and that there is no loss of taste or texture.

Proper packaging manufacturing must be resistant to factors such as loss of taste, contact with moisture, microbial spoilage, etc. Considering the possibility of any accident that may occur during the transportation and distribution phase, the products must be resistant to possibilities such as tearing, puncture, and leakage.

Packaging Solutions Manufactured with UCSA Packaging Assurance and UCSA Packaging Working Principle

UCSA Packaging, which has been producing hygienic, product and consumer-oriented packaging since the journey it started in 1996, produces producer and consumer-friendly packaging with packaging solutions such as low oxygen and water vapor permeability, high barrier, high lamination, low COF value and protection from light. The health of the end consumer is one of the most important points and UCSA Packaging produces packaging under this responsibility. For healthy generations and a clean future, the manufacture of packaging under green environmental awareness is one of the main principles of UCSA Packaging.

Using environmentally friendly, recyclable materials in production processes and conducting inspections without forgetting the compatibility with the environment while conducting technological development in R&D facilities are the elements of packaging manufacturing that should not be ignored. You can say that UCSA Packaging is here for you when it comes to situations such as every individual working in the packaging factory being environmentally conscious and knowing that the unnecessary use of natural resources can be prevented not only on the basis of factories but also individually by paying attention and care and trying to reduce the carbon footprint.

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