Why Chocolate Packages Are Important?

Why Chocolate Packages Are Important?

The first reason for the importance of chocolate packages is that chocolate interacts quickly with heat and then melts. If chocolate comes into contact with the outside world, negative consequences may arise. Like chocolate, other sweets must also be packaged carefully because they are among the products that contact the hands the most. No matter how much the packaging technology is advanced, the effects on the product might not last very long. Therefore, durable and reliable chocolate packaging can increase efficiency by keeping the product away from external factors and preventing negative effects on human health.

How Chocolate Packages Are Produced?

As UCSA Packaging, we keep the carbon footprint of our products as low as possible while also protecting the environment. We take the same care with nature as we do with our chocolate packaging. While producing packaging, we and our expert designers attach significant importance to packaging design like product protection. In addition to the quality of the product, such as chocolate, the packaging should also be highly qualified. We are aware of this fact, and we take our customers’ requests into account during the packaging manufacturing process, which we audit from start to finish.

When producing the chocolate packages, we ensure that the hygiene standards are met. Low thermal adhesion, light protection, low oxygen, and water vapor permeability are all used as protection methods. Chocolate is a hot-packaged product, which means it may melt. UCSA Packaging prevents the product from experiencing such negativities with the cold glue application used in its technology. Since there is a considerable risk of fogging for the product packaging, anti-fog is used to prevent the hot product from fogging. Thus, both the package and product are appealing.

What Should the Materials of Chocolate Packaging Be?

In chocolate packaging, the product’s needs and demands are kept in mind, just like in other food packaging. With the chocolate packages produced by UCSA Packaging, we offer packages made from different materials to our customers. 

  • High barrier
  • Low oxygen and water vapor permeability
  • Low thermal adhesion
  • Protection from light
  • High aroma barrier
  • High lamination strength
  • Sealing capability
  • Low COF value
  • Inner paper application for candy packaging
  • Matt lacquer application
  • Paper touch application

Materials We Use 

  • OPP
  • OPP / OPP

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