What is Hygienic Product Packaging?

Hygienic product packaging is a type of packaging used for packaging products that purify people from various bacteria and viruses. Structurally, it is preferable to use single or multi-layer combinations of structures in hygienic product packaging. If the product is a personal care product, hygienic product packaging is expected to be suitable for the chemistry of the product and human skin, as it can be stored in the packaging for a long time before coming into contact with the skin.

What are the Uses of Hygienic Product Packaging?

Hygienic product packaging is used for packaging personal care products or some disposable hygiene products. These products can be cosmetic products such as shampoo, hand cream, various skin cleansers, soaps, or disposable products such as sanitary napkins, diapers, adult diapers, hydrophilic cotton, and wet wipes. The task of hygienic product packaging is to protect hygienic products from environments that may be harmful to health while preventing deterioration and extending shelf life. With a perception coming from the name of hygiene products, it is very important that the packaging design of the product expresses cleanliness and clarity.

At UCSA Packaging, we pay as much attention to the design stages as we pay attention to the materials of our packaging, and we design and produce the most suitable packaging for marketing activities. Hygiene products must be airtight from the manufacturing stage until they reach the end user and must not be damaged by physical impact from external factors. The packaging protects the product from moisture, heat, and light factors and delivers it to the consumer.

The use of multi-layer packaging in the packaging of products containing strong chemicals is one of the packaging features that should be considered. As UCSA Packaging, we use the high barrier feature to protect the product from the dangers of holes and leaks and to extend the shelf life of the chemical product by preserving its effect for a long time.

The packaging methods we use in our hygiene products;

  • High barrier
  • Low oxygen and water vapor permeability
  • Low thermal tack
  • Protection from light
  • High lamination strength
  • Sealing capability
  • Low COF value
  • Matte lacquer application
  • Paper touch application

The materials we use;

  • Pearlized
  • PE opaque
  • OOP/Pearlized
  • PET/PE

We provide high protection for chemical and hygiene products by using their materials and protect your products safely. If you want to know more about hygienic product packaging, you can contact UCSA Packaging!