What is Powder Food Packaging?

In the developing and changing world, fast food consumption is increasing considerably. People who spend most of the day working have increased their interest in powdered foods and beverages. Powdered foods are foods and beverages that can be prepared quickly in 10-15 minutes at the latest. With these important features, they save consumers a great deal of time. Powdered foods can be prepared quickly and are among the most convenient products that consumers can carry with them. As a result of the correct packaging of powdered foods and beverages, they will not leave traces by flowing or spilling into their bags and will be suitable for long-term transportation as they are spoilage-resistant products.

What is Powder Food & Powder Food Packaging?

Powder food packaging is the tool responsible for preserving the nutritional value of food after the food processing process is completed and packaging is realized. It allows food to travel safely over long distances and still be healthy during consumption.

However, packaging technology must undertake and balance all aspects of food preservation, including energy and material costs, social and environmental awareness, and regulations on municipal solid waste. Powdered food packaging also ensures food preservation and prevents food waste. Resealable packaging prevents wastage when the entire product is not used. By undertaking marketing activities, it shares information such as the content of the food, the producer company, the location where it is produced, and contact addresses on the packaging, both reassuring the consumer and providing a guide for new customers.

Powder Food Packaging Manufacturing

As UCSA Ambalaj, we use two or multi-layer combinations as packaging structures in the manufacturing of powder food packaging. We offer barrier packaging solutions for product groups such as powdered beverages, powdered vanilla, baking powder, powdered food, protein powder, sports powder foods, etc.

Materials we use:

  • PET / PE
  • PET (PVDC) / PE
  • PET / ALU / PE

As UCSA Packaging, the powdered food packaging produced with three- or four-layer structures with high barrier properties, which we design to best suit your needs, are used for bouillon, instant soup, pudding, milk powder, granulated coffee, ketchup, mayonnaise, and various sauces as well as the food groups mentioned above. You can contact the UCSA team for more information!