What Does Food Packaging Do?

Due to today’s production and consumption conditions, almost all of the foods we buy every day to meet our needs are sold packaged. Packaging manufacturing has started to play an important role in the import-export sector in the world where the desire for consumption is increasing and the population is dense.

Using the right packaging for the product increases the shelf life and reliability of the product while protecting it against all external factors. It is very important to use the right packaging to preserve the product after production, distribution, sales, and after-sales. This situation had a direct impact on the careful production of packaging companies.

Packaging is one of the main tools for food safety. It protects the product it carries against all adverse conditions around it. The most important purpose of packaging is to ensure that the product it carries reaches the consumer in a safe, high quality, and high nutritional value. It protects food from biological, chemical, and physical risks. Packaging has a function that enables the manufacturer to communicate with the consumer, shows information such as the date of preparation and expiration date, and motivates the consumer to buy the product again, along with the ease of use it offers in distribution, storage, and to the consumer. Developments in food packaging technology in recent years have contributed to the maximization of food safety.

In today’s world, where human health and hygiene issues are becoming increasingly important, the relationship between packaging and food safety comes to the fore, and choosing the appropriate packaging for food is also important. Food packaging must be impermeable, have product-specific permeability properties (light, oxygen, moisture, odor, taste), be protected from biological threats, be resistant to insects and rodents, and ensure that there is no interaction between the materials used in packaging manufacturing and food.

Food Packaging Manufacturing with UCSA Packaging Quality

Since 1996, UCSA Packaging has been manufacturing product- and consumer-oriented packaging solutions that pay attention to hygiene, low oxygen and water vapor permeability, high barrier, high lamination, low COF value, and protection from light. Producing with the latest technology, UCSA Packaging offers the best solutions for various food packaging.

Dry Food and Pasta Packaging is also used in products such as noodles, spices, salt, pulses, and sugar. Double-layer structures made of CPP or PE laminated to reverse-printed BOPP are the most preferred and most suitable type of dry food and pasta packaging for these foods.

We produce chocolate and confectionery packaging for products that are sensitive to heat, such as chocolate and sugar, where packaging quality is very important. For chocolate and candy products that can melt even with body heat, UCSA Packaging’s production principle includes protection methods such as protection from light, low thermal adhesion, low oxygen, and water vapor permeability.

With the assurance of UCSA Packaging, chips and snack packaging with high aroma and taste protection, which is producer and consumer-friendly, provides the expected protection for chips and snack product groups by being carefully produced with the assurance of UCSA Packaging.

UCSA Packaging Food Packaging Product Groups

Here are some of the packaging product groups that UCSA, one of the leading food packaging manufacturers in Turkey, manufactures custom-made or sector-based bags and pouches according to your desire:

  • Chips and Snack Packaging
  • Biscuit and Cake Packaging
  • Chocolate and Confectionery Packaging
  • Dry Food and Pasta Packaging
  • Powder Food and Beverage Packaging
  • Coffee and Tea Packaging
  • Frozen Food Packaging
  • Pet Food Packaging

If you need customized flexible packaging solutions for your food products, contact us for more information!