Food Packaging

kuru gıda ambalajı

Food packaging refers to the technology that ensures the best possible quality protection of the materials, from the protection of the food we eat in our daily life to the packaging. The packaging process is carried out to protect food products for a long time and increase their shelf life..

What Is Food Packaging?

Food packaging is the materials used to contain, protect, and preserve food products. It is essential to the food industry because it helps to keep food safe and fresh. The most common types of food packaging are containers, flexible packaging, wrappers, and bags.

Food packaging materials

There are a variety of food packaging materials available on the market today. Each has its own unique set of properties that make it well suited for specific applications. Some common food packaging materials include paperboard, corrugated board, plastic, metal and flexible packaging.

Flexible Packaging

Flexible Packaging is often used for products that are difficult to package using other methods, such as liquids or powders. Flexible packaging is also often used for products that require protection, such as food items. This makes use of flexible packaging materials like plastic sheets, foil, or paper. Flexible packaging is commonly used for bagged salad.

Food Packaging Turkey 2022

In addition to being a major food producer, Turkey is also a major food packaging producer. As a food packaging manufacturer, Ucsa Packaging becomes a packaging manufacturer at an international level with the packaging it creates by giving importance to the environment and your health, and the food packaging it will present to you. Ucsa Packaging, which has more than one certificate, also produces dog food packaging,pet food packaging.
all other products and foods that require packaging. At the beginning of these, there are packaging types such as snack food packaging.
If you have processes such as food packaging, snack food packaging, Chemical and Hygienic Product Packaging, it’s time to meet Ucsa Packaging quality.


Snack product packaging can be customized as they are flexible packaging. Due to the delivery conditions in a short time, all processes of the raw materials can be overcome quickly. We produce snack packages for chips, cookies, nuts, crackers and all other snacks.
Snack packaging will be a sustainable strategy for your business as it is recyclable. Snack packages reduce the consumption of your workforce by reducing and lightening the number of resources spent.
Pet food packaging is a very important factor in showing that your products are worth considering. It is important to protection pet food from oxygen, moisture and other harmful factors. The packaging of pet foods keeps the product very fresh and increases the shelf life of these products.