Chips Packaging Manufacturing

Packaging, distribution, market shelf life and the preservation of the product’s characteristics are very important elements on this challenging path from the moment the food is produced to the consumer. In this whole process, the right packaging solution must be applied. The right packaging is packaging that is recyclable and produced in a way that does not harm nature by looking at the manufacturing and materials used. During the manufacture of chip packaging, it is aimed at protecting the taste and freshness of the product to be placed in the chip packaging so that it does not deteriorate. The chip packages we manufacture as UCSA Packaging provide maximum protection with factors such as transportation, shelf life, and moisture protection while preserving the freshness and taste of the product.

What are the Materials of Chips Packaging?

Chips packages are manufactured under the roof of UCSA Packaging using the latest technology and materials that provide maximum protection.

– PET / ALU / PE

Thanks to these materials, chip packaging provides protection from chemical and physical factors on the way to the end user. These materials, which contain many packaging solutions such as high barrier, low oxygen permeability, protection from light and heat, and high lamination strength, ensure that chip packaging is produced with the latest technology to provide the highest level of protection. A chip packaging produced with materials suitable for the product it will contain will ensure that the product reaches the end user in its freshest form.

Chips Packaging Recycling

Chips packaging should deliver the product it contains to the end user in its freshest form due to its intended use. However, an environmentally friendly, recyclable chips packaging that reduces food waste should exist for a sustainable nature. The chip packages manufactured by Üçsa Packaging are extremely environmentally friendly and recyclable while providing protection with the materials used. With its innovative design, environmentally friendly transportation advantage, long shelf life and less energy, chips packaging that consumes less natural resources are produced. By minimizing the use of fossil fuels and water in the manufacture of chips packaging, chips packaging is manufactured in an environmentally friendly manner and with a minimum carbon footprint.

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