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Cookies are data stored by a website you visit on your computer, tablet and mobile devices.

Cookies are essential for modern websites to function properly. It cannot harm your computer. Cookies are small files. In addition, cookies may contain many different information, including your personal information (such as name, e-mail address, telephone number). It is accessible by your web server.

Cookies are used by websites to improve the services. It includes processes such as collecting data about the number of visitors and visits, the time spent on the site, the pages clicked on the site or where the visitor is located, and similar website visits.

Cookies are on a mission to make your internet experience more interactive. Remembers your preferences on frequently visited sites. Some cookies are used, including content personalization and advertisements. These cookies are targeted media and enhanced analytics cookies. The advertisements you see online appear in relation to your interests.

The processes of storing and sending cookies are completely invisible. However, by changing your browser settings, you can decide yourself to approve or reject cookie storage requests, and automatically delete cookies when you close your browser.

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